I have a master's of counselling psychology from Adler University and am recognized as a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia, Canada. I have experience and training working with individuals, couples and groups, as well as advanced specialized training in EFT for couples. 

But who am I, really?

quote: Oscar Wilde

quote: Oscar Wilde


I was born in Montreal, and lived and learned in Switzerland, Ontario, East Africa, and Vancouver, which I now call home. I first decided to become a counsellor in part because connection and health are my truest values, and in part to heal myself from the pain that inherently relates to holding those values so dear. On this journey, I realized how valuable and normalizing counselling can be. We all have pain, we all need others to help us heal, and we can all heal and grow beyond what we ever thought possible.

Deep self-work—in my travels, throughout my studies, and moment to moment in my present life and relationships—enables me to hold the hearts of others from a grounded place of compassion and empathy. I believe in a non-diagnostic, humanizing perspective, in which all behaviour has purpose, all pain has meaning. In my personal life, I am still honouring whatever emerges—the skills I aim to impart onto you are skills I also use every day. I also make art as a way to express emotion, as I continue to learn and change.

I love what I do, because it is a real and deep way to connect with people, and to help them feel seen as the worthwhile and loveable humans they are. Through this work, I have witnessed how challenges, pain, and trauma can stretch us to grow, appreciate our courage, and own our humanness with understanding and dignity.

I am continually in awe of my clients’ courage to share their pain, and I am humbled by the honour of being let into the deepest and often darkest parts of themselves. Witnessing clients reclaim their worth, grieve pain, and learn to relate to themselves and others in a healthier and more relational, connected way are just some of the gems that make this work so powerful and meaningful for me.