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If you have questions you would like answered before you book a session, feel free to contact me by email (naomi.adams@honeyandgarlic.ca).



I do not use Facebook for private communication, but rather as a point of inspiration for clients. On Facebook, you will find posts about wellbeing and about new art-for-therapy paintings for sale.



Monday / 2pm-8pm
Tuesday / 9am-2pm
Wednesday / 9am-2pm
Thursday / 2pm-8pm  



I have a private office at Honey & Garlic Health Studio at Fraser St. and 16th Ave. in Vancouver, BC. Honey & Garlic is a quaint and warm integrative health clinic that provides a range of wellness services, like massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, etc., in one place.

Honey & Garlic Address: 3205 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC
Honey & Garlic Websitehoneyandgarlic.ca
Honey & Garlic Phone: 604 879 5023