Hello and Welcome

I am a Vancouver-based counsellor offering Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) to individuals and couples. EFT looks at how the emotional "rules" we learn as children may no longer be serving us in our lives and relationships today. It's a therapeutic approach that creates self-compassion for why things are as they are and then facilitates alternative experiences to help us live differently. Take a look around, and email me with any questions.

quote: Sue Johnson

quote: Sue Johnson


Is this for you?

I help couples and individuals who are seeking to learn, grow, and/or heal. They may be in crisis or trying to prevent one. Together we look at any of these issues and more:

  • anxiety and depression

  • stress and life balance

  • anger

  • relationship issues

  • sexuality concerns

  • polyamorous dynamics

  • LGBTQ2 issues

  • shame, guilt, and self-criticism

  • life transitions

  • isolation and loneliness

  • dissatisfaction and personal growth

  • grief and loss

  • addiction (including using alcohol, drugs, food, gaming, gambling, sex etc. to cope)


How does EFT work?

EFT is relational.

It looks at how lessons from past relationships have influenced how we cope, behave, and feel today.

EFT is experiential.

It uses the counselling relationship to create new experiences of how to live in relationship with ourselves and others.

EFT is emotionally transformative.

By uncovering how our challenges come from the lessons of our past, we move from frustration to self-compassion to acceptance. And the more we accept, the more we change.


What if I struggle expressing emotions?

Emotions are present in counselling whether you intend to express them or not. 

If you are not comfortable sharing emotions, this type of therapy can be equally, and perhaps especially, effective for you. The process may feel less instinctive at first, but as you find the courage to express emotions, you will notice that it is, in the end, healthier (and more freeing) than suppressing them.



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